Why Choose Perfect4Me?

You deserve a product that will make you feel confident, comfortable and happy about yourself. That’s why we created these innovative sanitary pads/napkins just for you that can help you manage your menstrual cycle so you can live life on your terms! We know what it feels like to be uncomfortable on a day-to-day basis during this time of month with menstrual cramps and other symptoms of vaginal discharge because we’ve been there too --but now there’s an easy solution to this problem!   So, if you are tired of feeling self-conscious about leaks? Worried about stains on clothes? It doesn't have to be this way anymore – That’s why we want to make sure our customers have access to high-quality FDA and Physician approved products that will keep them feeling their best all month long. 


You deserve the best quality care possible when it comes to managing your menstrual cycle; that's why we've made sure these products are designed specifically with women in mind. Our pads come in different sizes (Pantiliners, Bladder Liners, Moderate Flow, Heavy Flow, Overnight Extra Long) so every woman can find one that fits her needs perfectly.....

Taori Perfect4MeTM Sanitary Pads/Napkins are the perfect choice. They are infused with nPHrapheneTM technology which has health benefits for females including relieving discomfort during menstruation as well as helping your body regulate its natural hormones without painful side effects or harmful chemicals. These sanitary pads/napkins provide maximum comfort with 3D leak guard throughout the day, no matter how heavy or light your flow is! They are flexible, reliable, safe, organic and comfortable for females of all ages.

Try out our sanitary pads today and see the difference they'll make in your life!

~Taori & Co Family