Our Perfect Story

Welcome to TAORI Perfect4Me! We are focused on providing women and girls with beauty, health, and personal hygiene products that inspire moments of comfort, optimism, and assurance.

 Meet The Founders

Taori and co Founders

Taori & Co. is a family-owned health and beauty company established to redefine the standards of beauty and hygiene. Since its inception in 2014 and the launch of our ‘Taori Skincare’ line, we have successfully delivered innovative products that our customers love and redefined their beauty and wellness experiences with safe, quality skincare assortments developed with a ‘health-conscious, customer-focused mindset.

We are expanding our value offering to include hygiene and sanitary products for women and transgenders;  and luxury baby products made from the perfect blend of nature and nurture. Our flagship non-toxic, innovative 5-function infused nPHraphene® technology sanitary napkins reward women with maximum comfort, convenience, and protection–everything all women want plus more from their sanitary products.

Taori & Co. seeks to improve the quality of life of women and girls everywhere and save lives by offering product assortments that are safe, reliable, and ethical without compromise. We want to refresh the world with innovative health, beauty, and hygiene products, and support the development of healthier communities. Our team is focused on continuously improving our products as the needs of our customers evolve, so we are at the forefront of product excellence and value delivery. With Taori & Co, you’ll always come first. Shop our feminine hygiene products today!