Infused nPHraphene™ Technology Strip

Our innovative "nPHraphene®" is a 5 in 1 infused strip used in our feminine hygiene products. It encompasses a variety of innovative technology techniques from the five efficacies of the five functions. A statistic report from the World Health Organization shows that inside two hours of a woman or young girl using a traditional pad, about 107 particular germs per cubic centimeter is created on the surface area of that pad. When pressure is applied on the place from sitting, the pad permits the backflow of the blood back into the reproductive system. Case studies have demonstrated how menstrual pads in the commercial marketplace are produced from recycled paper materials containing print ink and synthetic substances, which later go through a fading cycle with hazardous synthetic compounds like chlorine and chemical producing dioxins. Both pads and tampons with odor neutralizers make a substance soup—bound with polyester, fake tones, glues, and different toxins connected to chemical disturbance, fruitlessness, malignancy, and intrinsic incapacities which may contribute to menstrual discomfort. nPHraphene® sanitary napkin is the most innovative advanced sanitary napkin on the market, encompassing five different techniques to provide safe and effective feminine hygiene products. It is characterized by a multi-layer technology strip where all technology intercepts one by one. Each layer has a different perspective to use for sanitary napkins. Its comprised of five layers known as a surface layer, Antibacterial Layer, Circulation layer, Energy Layer and Curable Negative-ION layer where each integrated layer use separate technology and have distinct positive effects on women health .  
  1. Surface layer has numerous benefits, such as relieving abdominal pain, eliminate bacteria, balance the pH level of the body, fights fatigue, helps increase metabolism, boosts the immune system, and contains vibrational energy that moves the heat away from the core. 
  2. The antibacterial layer has the function of a typical sanitary towel, antibacterial, sterilization, and inflammation-diminishing role with definite effect which may help numerous women relieve menstrual discomfort. 
  3. The circulation layer will help improve the micro-circulation around the vagina, increase the amount of biological enzyme, increase the acidic secretion in the vagina, and adjust the PH value
  4. The Energy layer helps regulate the cycle and gives relief from the monthly mentrual with ultra-soft padding, super absorbent, and antibacterial properties. 
  5. Curable Negative-ION Layer abundant in nature, the God blessing gift, puts our body in an alkaline state. When your body is alkalized, it is hard for bacteria, viruses, cancer cells to develop or survive in the body; case studies by labs and 3rd parties have shown that alkaline can cure even incurable cancer and other diseases. It helps to improve our mood, our tone, the quality of our sleep, our concentration and the oxygenation of our tissues.


Infused nPHraphene® sanitary napkins provides the following benefits in women body. These include:
  • It helps to relieve or minimize abdominal pain or menstrual discomfort
  • It has an antibacterial activity that eliminates bacteria
  • It helps to maintain balance of the pH level of the body
  • It provides fight against fatigue by increasing metabolism 
  • It boosts the immune system
  • It also improves the micro-circulation around the vagina and increases the acidic secretion in the vagina
  • It also improves our mood, our tone, the quality of our sleep and improves the oxygenation of our tissues
  • It provides germ-free protection in women's bodies.
  • It also has anti-inflammation properties. 
  • It also helps to warm the uterus and nourishing yin
Because of the broad range of benefits, we can conclude that the Infused nPHraphene® sanitary napkin is the best feminine hygiene product on the market.