Knowing the Dangers of Dioxin

Knowing the Dangers of Dioxin



You may know that many of the mainstream sanitary pads and tampons contain something called dioxin. But have you heard about the dangers of dioxin?

To give sanitary pads and tampons their pure white color, the fibers are chlorine-bleached. This bleaching process creates dioxin, a highly toxic pollutant. Learn more about the dangers of dioxin and pre-order dioxin-free feminine hygiene products from TAORI.

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Decreased Fertility

Since dioxin is toxic, it can cause different reproductive and developmental problems for women. Dioxin levels build up in your body’s fat over time, so if you’re using sanitary napkins or tampons containing dioxin every month, you’re increasing your exposure to dioxin. Birth defects, fertility problems, and inability to maintain a pregnancy have also been linked to dioxin exposure.

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Increased Risk of Cancer

On top of that, long-term exposure to dioxin can also increase your risk of cancer. Different factors can affect your risk, including the level of exposure, when you were exposed, and how often or long you were exposed.

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Damage to the Immune System

Dioxin can also have an impact on your body’s immune system. When your body is exposed to dioxin, dioxin reduces the number of B cells — or immune cells — that your body needs to help fight off invaders and keep your immune system strong. Dioxin also reduces the number of T cells — another type of immune cell — putting your immune system at risk.
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Ovary Complications

Since dioxin can have an impact on fertility and reproduction, it’s not surprising that it can cause other problems to the ovaries. Exposure to dioxin has been linked with the causation of endometriosis, a painful disorder where abnormal tissues start to grow on the outside of your uterus. Instead of exposing your body to dioxins through your feminine hygiene products, find a safer alternative to use during your time of the month. For dioxin-free sanitary pads, visit Perfect4Me by TAORI




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