Are Your Sanitary Pads Hitting the Mark?

Are Your Sanitary Pads Hitting the Mark?

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What you don’t know about your sanitary pads and tampons might be what’s hurting you. At TAORI, we wanted to create the best sanitary pads that both make your period easier to manage and are safe and healthy for you to use. See if your sanitary pads are hitting the mark and try Perfect4Me for a dioxin-free alternative.

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Absorbency & Material

Many women will wear a sanitary napkin throughout their entire menstruation period. This makes it even more important to have a sanitary napkin designed to absorb and made with a material that is safe for your body. Next time you’re choosing a box of napkins, take a look at the material and level of absorbency.

At TAORI, our sanitary napkins are made using our innovative nPHraphene™, a 5 in 1 infused strip. This multilayer technology consists of five intercepting layers — the surface, antibacterial, circulation, energy, and curable negative-ION layers — and each of these layers provide different positive health benefits. For example, the energy layer is super absorbent while the antibacterial layer provides antibacterial functions and the circulation layer helps adjust the pH value and improve microcirculation around the vagina.


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The size sanitary pad you need depends on a few factors, like the heaviness of your flow or the length of time you want to go between changing out your pad. At the beginning or end of your menstrual period, an ultra-thin sanitary napkin might do the trick. But at night or on heavy-flow days, you might want to switch to a heavy flow or overnight pad.


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Dryness & Moisture Barrier

Wearing sanitary pads during your period can sometimes leave you with a rash, itching, or swelling. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a sanitary napkin while you’re menstruating. Instead, it might be time to find a pad that will help promote dryness and create a moisture barrier, preventing that irritation and chafing. Opt for pads that are made with cotton and don’t contain dyes or adhesives. Our Perfect4Me sanitary pads are made with a 100% hypoallergenic organic cotton top sheet and a honeycomb core, helping to create a dry moisture barrier.


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Did you know that in order to give sanitary napkins that pure white color, they are often chlorine-bleached, leaving behind toxins? That means that when you wear those sanitary napkins, you’re exposing your body to those toxins. That’s why it was important to our team to create the best sanitary pads that are dioxin-free and chlorine toxin-free, giving women the safe menstrual products they deserve!

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Ready to retire your old sanitary napkins and find the best sanitary pads that hit the mark? Try Perfect4Me from TAORI for a dioxin-free pad designed to support and protect you during your period.

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